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Laura - cabled hat

Edited: Row 20 !

This child's cabled hat is knit from the top down for a change. This makes the earflaps easy to knit, and also makes it easier to lengthen or shorten the hat to the desired length. Cables adorn the edges of the flaps, and there is an easy button closure, no need to knit ties.

Novita Isoveli, 100 g (3.5 oz) purple, OR Novita Aino, 100 g (3.5 oz) purple (both are Bulky / 12 ply weight)

16 st and 21 rows stockinette stitch = 10 cm ( 4 in )

Double point needles, size 5mm (or size needed to obtain correct gauge) (Note: pattern assumes use of 5 dp's)
Short circular needle, size 5mm (or size neened to obtain correct gauge)

1 button

Child, 1-2 yrs, head circumference about 46 cm (18 ")

Note: If you want to make an adult sized hat, add purl stitches between the cables, instead of inceasing the number of cables. A hat with 9 purl stitches between the cables fits most adults. For adult sizes, you can omit the ear flaps, and add a few rows of ribbing to the edge.

See chart

For the increases (make 1), work both the front and back edges of the stitch, creating one stitch. If you prefer, you can increase by picking up and knitting the loop between two stitches. Whichever method you choose for later increases, do follow the pattern's method for the first few rows.

On the double point needles, cast on 8 stitches, divided evenly onto four needles (2+2+2+2)
Row 1: Knit each stitch through both the front and back edges, = 16 stitches total (4 st / needle)
Row 2: Knit each stitch through both the front and back edges, increasing to 32 stitches total
Row 3: Increase by knitting both front and back edge of stitch, on every other stitch, beginning with the first stitch of the row. Knit every other stitch. Increase on the last stitch of the row. (=49 st)
Row 4: * k4, p3 *
Row 5: * make cable (= slip 2 st onto cable holder and hold to back of work, knit 2, knit 2 from cable holder), p3 * (Move stitches from the other needle if the cable section falls between two needles)
Row 6: *k4, p3, make 1st* (=56 st)
Row 7: *k4, p4*
Row 8: *k4, p4, make 1st* (=63 st)
Row 9: *k4, p5*
Row 10: *make cable , p5, make 1st* (=70 st)
Row 11: *k4, p6*
Row 12: *k4, p6, make 1st* (=77 st)
Row 13: *k4, p7*
Row 14: *k4, p7, make 1st* (=84 st)
Row 15: *make cable, p8*
Rows 16-19: *k4, p8*
Row 20: *make cable, p8*
Repeat rows 16-20 , 3 more times.

If you feel there are too many stitches on the dpn's to work with comfortably, you can transfer the work onto the circular needle.
Knit two more rows of *k4, p8*
Next, work the front and back edge ribbing, at the same time continuing the cables onto the ear flaps.

Beginning with a knit stitch, work *k1, p1* ribbing over 11 stitches, then knit the ear flap section (18 st) as instructed previously, then continue with *k1, p1* ribbing for another 30 stitches. Knit other ear flap (18 st) , then work last 7 stitches starting with purl st in *k1, p1* ribbing. Place stitch markers at the edges of the ear flap sections, if desired.

Work tree rows of the above. ( on the third row, make cables on the ear flap sections)

Next, finish the front and back edges. If you have been using the circular needle, do this using extra dp needles.

Bind off the first 11 st, knit the ear flap (18 st) and place these stitches on a dp needle. Using another dp , bind off the front edge stitches (30 st). Work the ear flap section (18 st) using the dp needle, leave these stitches on the dp. Bind off remaining 7 stitches off the circular needle. Cut yarn. Now the front and back edge stitches have been bound off and the ear flaps are on two dp needles.

Continue with the ear flaps per chart 1, beginning with a wrong side row. Note, the cable rows are more frequent on the ear flaps, which helps to taper the flaps.

After you have worked the last row of the chart, bind off on one flap. On the other, after working throught the chart, create a button hole:
Row 1: k1, k2tog, yo, k2
Row 2: purl
Row 3: bind off all stitches.

Tie off the ends of yarn, and sew a button on one flap. Finish off the top of the hat, using the yarn end to close up the small hole created in the casting on.

Translated from Finnish: T.Kooienga

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I am happy this is in English but I cannot follow the pattern when it comes to the ribbing and earflaps. It says "Beginning with a knit stitch, work *k1, p1* ribbing over 11 stitches, then knit the ear flap section (18 st) {AS INSTRUCTED PREVIOUSLY}, then continue with *k1, p1* ribbing for another 30 stitches." I see no "previous" instructions for what to do with those 18 stitches before continuing with *k1,p1* .

Also pattern goes from verbal instruction and then the flaps are in chart form. Anyone willing to explain what the chart says with words? I know this is all voluntary and I am not trying to be mean, just want you to know there seems to be some parts that are hard to follow. Thanks.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

the pattern I really hope for in English is Emil/Ida from January